Dear Parents,

The most adored and most awaited show, BABY FEST, is now here. An opportunity to show case your little
munchkins 'most captivating qualities. There are a variety of exciting prizes to be won as well as the most desired titles, at BABY FEST. This is the fun-filled event in which your bundle of joy participates and shows off his /her talents.


The stage is all set for your little one to own it and dazzle!



Age Group: 0-6 Months / 7-12 Months / 1-2 Years / 2-3 Years

Date of Event : 11th December, 2022

Last Date of Registration: 10th December, 2022

Announcement of Results : End of the Day



Fun and Frolic Day for Kids and Parents.

A plethora of competitions for one and all.

A participation gift and a certificate for all participants.

Exciting gifts and prizes for all the winners.

A special momento for outstanding performances amongst parents.




Stylish Hairstyle

"Straight, wave or curly, style your hair pearly"

It is the parent's responsibility to prepare a hairstyle for their child, along with the necessary items such as combs and hairpins. Each parent makes their child's hairstyle in front of everyone present, and the winner is the one with the best-looking hairstyle.


Best Attire

"You look fire, when you are in your best attire"

In order to win, parents must help their child to wear the appropriate attire, according to the theme that has been chosen.


Attractive Smile

"Life is simple when you smile with cute dimple"

A parent must help their child prepare a very short skit or dialogue that incorporates expressions, creativity, and uniqueness. The child who smiles the most and expresses themselves most clearly wins.


Handsome Hunk

"Confidence is the other way of being handsome"

It is imperative for parents to help their boys look smart and handsome, and with a smart walk they will surely be able to win over other children.


Pretty Angel

"Babies smile in their sleep because they are listening to whispering of angels"

A girl's parents must help her look pretty like a fairy and an angel while also capturing our attention with her looks and expressions.


Super Baby

"Lets see how much babies know themselves better than anyone else"

It is the parent's responsibility to make sure their child looks smart and representative in their self-introduction. It is the child who defines himself/herself well who will succeed.


Leading Dancer

"Performance enhances when a dancer dances"

Parents must prepare their children for a short dance performance so they can become the winner.


Most Happening Mother

"The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children"

We've got something for mothers too, which is very interesting. Mothers are also welcome to participate along with their kids and win with them by being gorgeous, fashionable, and happening.



You may confirm your participation by filling up the attached registration form.

Registration Fee of Rs.250/- can be paid online through Paytm.



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