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Top 5 Schools in Delhi

Education System in India

Education system in India is very old and unique. If we go back in time a couple of centuries back, we would observe that parents used to send their kids to Gurukuls for their education. Not only for education, but to learn the ways of life and learn the discipline with which one should spend their livelihood. They used to get the guidance under one Guru, the subjects would be different from today however the motive was the same, to provide quality education to the students. After some time, the Gurukuls turned into Vidyapeeths where Modern Science and Vedic Math made their place in the core subjects. Even after so many years, the struggle for the parents remains the same, which is to find the perfect school for their kids.

In today’s time when the population is increasing rapidly, it becomes difficult to find schools that give equal attention to each and every student. Especially when it comes to the core subjects like Physics, Math, Chemistry, each subject needs to be given high importance as futuristic jobs are based on these subjects. It would be correct if we say that right education leads your child to a bright future.

Top 5 Schools Delhi

Talking about top 5 schools in Delhi, it will definitely be difficult as there is a huge number of highly rated schools in Delhi, NCR. One of those is Prudence Group of Schools. They believe in providing quality instead of quantity. Not only do they focus on educating the students, but they make sure that they are socially aware by imbibing great values, principles and etiquette in them.Being one of the highly rated schools in Delhi, Prudence Schoolensures that they follow a methodology of working towards excellence. No child is same. This is what they firmly believe and keeping that in mind, they consider each child different and unique which makes them come under the list of top 5 highly rated schools in Delhi.

Highly Rated Schools in Delhi

There are various reasons why Prudence School resides at the top position under the list of highly rated schools in Delhi. They make sure that the parents take equal participation in their kid’s life as the teachers do. They should be aware of each and every activity happening in their kid’s life. They also give a lot of importance to extracurricular activities and sports. The kind of exposure and compassion that these activities provide the students with cannot be compared to anything. Here, you find a perfect balance between the curriculum and extracurricular activities without any doubt.

Prudence School focuses on finding out various ways to practice inclusive education which involves each and every student without making anyone feel left out. Instead of following homogeneity, they believe in diversity. They break the homogeneity by introducing different methods of teaching. Theydo not impose education on an individual. In fact, they create such an environment for the students so that they feel free to polish their own capabilities and grow in all senses.