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Best School in Dwarka

Find the Perfect School in Dwarka for Your Child

It is a humongous pressure on the parents to find the perfect school for their child where they could imbibe great values, habits, knowledge and culture. If we draw a comparison between the education system that was prevalent 15-20 years ago and the one which is followed currently, we will observe a huge difference between both in terms of ideology, ethos and pedagogy.

Don’t Worry about Your Child’s Education

Searching for such schools, Dwarka is one place where you can find the perfect school for your child. If you are residing in or near Dwarka, then you do not have to worry at all about your child’s education because this place houses a number of best schools in Delhi, NCR region. Not only do these schools offer great learning opportunities but they also possess modern and student friendly infrastructure to give your child a home away from home.

Different Learning Styles and Methods

There are various parameters that differentiate one school from the other.

One of the most common among them is the pedagogy, Experiential Learning in which the students learn by experience and not by rote memory. They are made to involve in various hands on activities, field-trips for conservation of the environment and other activities that helps in developing new skills.

The second most common approach is the Montessori Method of teaching where the students are made to work on self-directed activities in order to gain learning experiences instead of gaining knowledge only by reading books.

Apart from the aforementioned methodologies, there are multiple other teaching methods that are followed in the best schools in Dwarka. The foremost priorities of these schools are to promote a child’s ability to stand out in a crowd on the basis of his/her own capabilities and knowledge.

The Best School in Dwarka

There is a huge list of schools that can be termed as the best schools in Dwarka. Among them, there is the Prudence School which is considered to be the torch bearer of modern and experiential pedagogy. Prudence School is considered as one of the best schools in Dwarka which is dedicated to provide an educational environment which treats each child as a unique, special and powerful individual. Their endeavour is to educate their children to attain highest level of academic excellence through rigorous learning experiences which encourages inquiry, innovation and creativity.Their children grow sensitive to their environment and the world around.

Prudence’s Management during Covid-19

Considering the current situation of lockdown due to Covid-19, schools have been among the most affected sectors further affecting the students, hampering their studies. However, what makes Prudence School the best school in Dwarka is that it was highly prepared and geared up for such an unfortunate event with their contingency plan. The transition from a physical classroom to a virtual classroom was exceptionally smooth and commendable.

Physical Classroom

The kids these days are highly advanced and are well aware about the know-how of the latest technology. On one hand where, Prudence has paved a pathway to the virtual classrooms easy, they firmly believe that nothing can substitute a physical classroom and the human connect of a teacher in a classroom. It in turn also creates a sense of pressure on the faculty as teaching online is challenging. But, the faculty of Prudence School was proactive in dealing with technology while teaching online as they are competent and up-to-date with the technological advancements.

A child’s education is the most important factor that determines his/her destiny and shapes the future. There are a number of schools that has adapted to this fundamental component and offer new and advanced way of learning contributing to a child’s overall personality development along with polishing and focusing on their existing capabilities.