Parent Testimonials

With Taarush being my first child, I was a really scared and apprehensive mother who found it difficult to make choices for her child. And since, I had no prior experience, making a choice of an educational institute was really mind boggling for me. When I selected Prudence, I was amazed to see the dedication of teachers towards their work. Being the epitome of care, affection and patience, they go out of the way to help you while ensuring that the child is well versed with all the concepts. I can’t help but marvel at the growth of my child and want to just take a moment to thank all the teachers and staff of Prudence for being so helpful and for always being there. I am really grateful.

Prudence school is one of the best schools in Delhi. It is CBSE affiliated but it’s approach towards teaching is practical. The teachers give individual attention to the students which helps the children understand better. The school also believes in a healthy Parent- Teacher relationship, hence the parents are equally involved in their ward’s education which in turn help the child perform better.

The school focuses on the overall development of the child hence it offers a video array of extra- curricular activities like yoga, skating, Taekwondo, chess, musical instruments, theatre, and much more. Healthy competitions are held every month that keep the child extremely active and updated.

The school’s academic achievement is beyond excellence making it one of the best schools of Delhi.

Being part of Prudence family gives me an immense level of satisfaction as it offers a great deal of co-scholastic activities which improve the learning experiences of students, help them identify & develop their inner talents like creative and public speaking skills, leadership qualities, unusual thinking and getting innovative ideas of their own. The co-curricular activities offered by school includes various sports, music, dance, elocution, debates and dramatics etc. which not only give a great exposure to students but also ensure their overall development.

We, Kush Mehrotra and Dr. Amita Kush Mehrotra, parents of Eklavya Kush Mehrotra, student of class 1 C, Prudence School, Sector-22, Dwarka would like to share an appreciation note for the class teacher of 1 C. There is a special bond that every child shares with her. We feel blessed that during the early and foundation years of our son’s academic profile is being looked after and being managed so well. We would like to express our gratitude. Thanks and Regards!

My son Viraaj Khera studying in class II-A is always happy to attend his classes. All the classes, extra-curricular activities are conducted exceptionally well by the teachers. The portions are covered at such a pace that the students don’t feel burdened. Also, the students participate in a variety of activities. I feel like this school uplifts my child to the best. I shall be thankful to the school and its management for putting in such sincere efforts for all the students of their school. Proper guidance is provided to students for enhancing their abilities. Prudence is one of the best school and I am delighted to have my kid study in this school.

I am proud to be associated with Prudence School. My son Akshaj is studying in the school since Nursery. School is committed in providing a warm, positive and congenial environment. I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to subject teachers and all co-scholastic teachers who have motivated and encouraged my son throughout. Thank you to the management and the coordinators for providing a strong foundation to students.

Excellent school with excellent faculty. I have seen a positive change in my child. Personal attention to every child is something that makes the school stand out among other schools. I really appreciate thehardwork of teachers. The best part is even though teachers are meeting students online, still they know everything about the child. Choose PRUDENCE to unleash boundless opportunities for your child and give a better future.

In Prudence not just academic growth of child but co-curricular activities are also going on very effectively and all the teachers are fantabulous. They make the class lively and joyful. They try each and every way to make students understand and clear their doubts. They also revert very quickly whenever I have any query. Their patience and commitment towards student's improvement is really commendable.

Teachers are like the second God, they shape the minds of children and make them able to stand in the society, these words became clear to us when we experienced the teaching . They made the children's learning playful which ultimately made students believe that education is playful rather than fearful. We are very thankful to the teaching which made Ananya good in studies and ignited her curiosity and ultimately made her think that education is fascinating.