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CBSE Schools in Delhi NCR

CBSE School Delhi/NCR

For parents who wish their children to get best education, choose the education board before they choose any school. The reason behind this is that the education board is a regulatory body which controls and supervises the education system for both public and private schools which clearly means that a controlled education system leads to an optimum result of the student belonging to that particular school.

The most common education board in Delhi/NCR are the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE). Between these, CBSE is the most popular board which can be seen in almost all the schools in Delhi. Since CBSE prescribe NCERT textbooks to all its affiliated schools, your child’s education becomes more meaningful and qualitative.

Talking about the CBSE affiliated schools in India, there are more than 19 thousand of them. Whereas in foreign countries, the number of CBSE affiliated school comes up to 211. This definitely clears a picture that CBSE is the most commonly followed board among schools both in India and in foreign countries.

If we talk about Delhi, NCR region, there are over 100 schools which are affiliated with CBSE. Out of those 100 schools, Prudence Group of Schools is one of the most prestigious schools. They are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and recognised amongst the best CBSE schools in Delhi/NCR. Theschool is quitepopular and it is still gaining popularity because of the quality and innovativeteaching methods that it offers to its students.

Prudence School is famous because of various reasons that makes them top the list of the CSBSE board. Apart from the teaching methodologies, the Prudence Group of Schools understands its responsibility of giving back to the nature. They have several social initiatives which focusses on conserving the environment. Under those programmes, they encourage students and people around them to reduce the usage of plastic and promote eco-friendly products that in fact help the surroundings become cleaner and the air healthier.

During this pandemic, education industry was affected adversely because of which students were finding it difficult to cope with their educational growth. However Prudence School is one school which stood strong as a pillar and was all set to fight against the unfortunate set of events happening around. They were well equipped with the virtual learning platform and introduced it to the students with so much ease. They made the transition from physical learning platform to the virtual learning platform extremely seamless.

Delhi CBSE school list is quite long if you try to look for it. It becomes really difficult to choose one school among the entire list. Before choosing a perfect school for your kid, it is important that you finalise the board which you want your kid to go to. The kids these days are well aware about the latest technology and it is important that the schools that they get into support their thirst to know more. Prudence Schools follow an approach where they encourage students to think out of the box and create their own ideologies by gaining experience of their own instead of learning it via books.