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School Admissions in Delhi

School Admissions

For any new age parent it is of utmost importance to give the right future to their kid which in turn depends upon the school that they choose for their child.

School admission has become a gruesome process and a matter of great confusion. The wide range of schools that are now available has made choosing the right school difficult.

Each school provides almost all facilities that you can name and an extremely competent infrastructure that one finds it almost impossible to finalize one.

School Admissions - has emerged as a highly Challenging Task

Few years back, life was simpler, choice was simpler as almost all schools in the vicinity were at the same level, and similar fee structure, similar teaching methods, similar infrastructure and most importantly the process for securing a seat was also fairly simple.

However, as we grow more aware we become more complex, the entire process of school

Admissions have become way too lengthy and complex involving multiple steps that it takes days to complete the entire process. Moreover, it becomes challenging for the working parents to cope with the procedure as they have to make sure that it does not affect their work life balance.

Various Parameters influence our choice of the right and perfect school for our kid. These parameters help in getting a clear picture for the choice that we make. Some important parameters are listed below:

1. Distance from your house:
Distance is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a school for your kid. You would not want to send off your kid to a distant school even it is one of the greatest among the options. The proximity between your house and the school should be decent enough so that your kid does not spend most of the time in commuting and it also helps you reach the school in time case of an exigency.
2. Equal focus on both education and co curricular activities:
We cannot deny that co curricular activities are as important for a child as classroom education is. Such activities provide a kind of exposure that helps in their personality development and further makes them an all rounder which is the need of the hour.
3. Easy on pocket: Schooling is a long 14 years process. One doesn’t change the school of their ward till the time it becomes very important. Let us accept the fact that today there are a lot of schools offering a gamut of facilities and therefore charging exorbitant fee. Before short listing the schools for their kid, parents should make sure that they are aware about the fee structure so that it does not come as a surprise to them later. Tough competition amongst a lot of emerging schools also helps a parent choose a school which gives value for the money they pay for.

Prudence is one such school governed by an Efficient Management who deeply cares about what a parent desires for in a good school. The sensitive management of Prudence School follows a simplified and hassle free procedure for school admissions. The fee that school charges commensurate with the facilities that they provide. The team who deals with admission formalities is very competent and friendly and understands the needs of the parents. They make sure that the parents are put to ease by assisting them in all the tasks required to secure admission of their ward.

They have facilities for both online and offline admission process. Their website is quite interactive giving any parent easy options to navigate. Their website and other social media pages

Like Facebook, Instagram, twitter are fully loaded and updated with all the recent happenings of the school thus giving the parents an insight on the school functioning. They also have a registration with Uniapply making it very convenient for the parents to apply.

Overall the experience with schools admissions team is a delight for any parent.