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Top Rated Schools in Delhi

Delhi - A Hub of the Best Education Across India

Delhi, the capital city is a hub for tourists, all sorts of industries and most importantly education. Delhi’s education is one of the best across India because of which innumerable aspirants come from various parts of the country for their children’s education. The schools that one will find in Delhi cannot be compared and are a league apart. There is an option available for all. The facilities, infrastructure, teaching methodology, peer interaction, well trained faculty are some of the factors that make Delhi schools standout amongst the others.

How to Choose the Best School in Delhi

Choosing a school for your kid can be a very difficult task, especially when you have certain pre fixed parameters in your mind and you expect the school to fulfil them all. If you are in Delhi and are looking for the top rated schools here, you will find a huge list as Delhi is full of elite schools that provide high quality education.

Talking about the highly ranked schools in Delhi, there is one group of schools that will shoot up to secure the first rank in the list - The Prudence Group of Schools. This school is an epitome of academic excellence, creativity and innovation. It has already made an impeccable mark in the education industry by adopting progressive, innovative and effective methods of learning like experiential learning, Montessori Method of early education and delivering stupendous CBSE board results.

The pandemic has hampered everything; education is one of the biggest industries that have taken a huge hit on itself. However, Prudence Schools believe that the show must go on, learning should continue with the same rigour no matter what.

Prudence firmly believes that education is not confined within the four walls it should go out and reach to the millions. The Prudence team was well equipped to face the challenge of virtual learning and had created virtual learning management system within no time, which facilitated the transition and made it pretty smooth and effortless. The teachers are also well awaited about the technology which further helped them to be more creative and find different ways to teach virtually and making it more efficacious.

Why Prudence Schools Come Under Top Rated Schools

There are more reasons contributing to why Prudence Schools come under the category of the highly ranked school in Delhi. The school management is very proactive and effective and it keeps the operations smooth. The teachers are extremely competent, highly qualified and result focused. They let the students create their own path and encourage them to think out of the box.

Almost all the highly rated schools in Delhi follow similar practices. Certain things remain common between them like the size of the class. They make sure that the strength of the class remains limited to a number so that the teachers can pay equal attention to each student. Apart from that, more than the books, they focus on experiential learning in which they make the students learn from experience by giving them projects which are supposed to be completed by using their own intellect. If you see the success rate of such high ranking schools in Delhi, you would realize that the students are not only scoring high but they are becoming all-rounders and are excelling in sports and other co curricular activities as well.